Couples and Families

Little else in life is as rewarding as a good relationship and a happy, well-functioning family. And little else is more painful than a struggling marriages or having family members with seemingly irreconcilable differences.

The challenge of roles, meeting mutual needs, maintaining an individual identity within the couple or family and dealing with cultural expectations of being a good provider, lover and companion are challenges faced by virtually everyone in the modern world. 

Whether managing these issues or others such as conflicts around sex, money and interpersonal differences, Couple and Family Therapy offers a unique opportunity to enhance one’s own self-understanding and holds great potential to develop a shared understanding and new levels of appreciation for each participant

I hold Certificates of Training in Couple and Family Psychotherapy from The Metropolitan Center for Object Relations (NYC) and the Washington School of Psychiatry (Washington, D.C.). Also, I am co-founder, co-director and faculty member of The Metropolitan Center for Object Relations – New Jersey which teaches couple/family to practicing therapists.  I have served on the faculty of the Contemporary Center for  Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (CCAPS), now known as CPPNJ (Contemporary Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, New Jersey).