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Life transitions. Anxiety. Depression. They challenge our strength and test our resolve. During these times we need healing and clarity. We seek relief and meaning. Therapy is a series of conversations that will help you identify the challenges you are facing and the capabilities you need to develop. The goal of our work will be to identify a path forward and help you grow, learn, change, and accomplish your vision. 

My style is warm, non-judgmental, and flexible. My therapeutic approach is integrative and eclectic. It means that I use my knowledge and experience with cognitive, psychodynamic, behavioral, and humanistic therapies to tailor a treatment that fits with your style, your needs, your pace, and your goals. We will use strategies that will help you explore and develop the solutions you need.  

My approach is also informed by my cultural background and experiences while living in three countries and across two continents. It is further informed by my research and study of the latest developments and findings on treating behavioral, cognitive, and emotional distress. I have worked with clients from diverse backgrounds based on age and socioeconomic status, gender and gender identity, religion and ethnicity. I have worked with students, active military, stay-at-home moms, veterans, and members of the LGBT+ community. What I enjoy most about being a therapist, is seeing clients take control away from self-doubt, stress, anxiety, depression and become an agent in their story.

 •    Years in Practice: 2 Years
•    School: University of Maryland College Park
•    Year Graduated: 2015
•    Temporary Permit No. and State: 183-033, New Jersey
•    License No. and State: 0810005458, Virginia
•    License No. and State: PSY1001429, District of Columbia